Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is a specialized and effective way to get rid of pain, and improve our quality of life. The department is divided into male, female and pediatric section under the supervision of qualified physician of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and provided by highly trained physiotherapists.

The department is well equipped with different therapeutic modalities such as short wave-ultrasound-infrared-laser-paraffin wax-hotpack-electrical stimulation & Computerized cervical and lumbar traction Moreover, Obesity management & Cellulite treatment.

The department also offers the following services, which would be of great help for:

Orthopedic Disorders:

  • Treatment of low back pain due to prolapsed and degenerative disc lesions.
  • Pre and post operative therapeutic exercises for ligaments repair, spinal surgery, arthroscopic and joints replacement surgery.
  • Treatment of musculoskeletal pain of all types of arthritis and soft tissue disorders.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of idiopathic and functional scoliosis.
  • Rehabilitation of pre and post operative sports injuries.

Internal Medicine Diseases:

  • Rehabilitation of all rheumatic diseases.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation of pre and post operative cardiovascular surgery.
  • Chest Rehabilitation for obstructive and restrictive lung diseases.
  • Rehabilitation of post CVA impairments.
  • Rehabilitation of paralysis either of neurogenic or myopathic origin.
  • Rehabilitative measures for osteoporotic geriatric outpatients.
  • Rehabilitation of geriatric bed ridden inpatients.
  • Relaxation exercises and massage.
Gynecology & Obstetric Medicine:
  • Electrotherapy for pelvic floor muscles weakness.
  • Diathermy for pelvic inflammatory diseases.
  • Pre and post natal therapeutic exercises for muscle weakness.

ENT & Vestibular Disorders:

  • EMG and NCV studies for facial nerves palsies.
  • Electrotherapy & exercises for Bell’s palsy and all facial nerve palsies.
  • Rehabilitation of Balance disorders in both peripheral and central vestibular disorders.
  • Diathermy for maxillary sinusitis.

Pediatric Disorders:

  • EMG and NCV studies.
  • Electrotherapy and Rehabilitation of all types of cerebral palsies.
  • Electrotherapy and Rehabilitation of brachial plexus injuries ( Erb’s & klumpke’s palsies).
  • Rehabilitation of Down’s syndrome and other developmental delay syndromes.
  • Rehabilitation of all types of muscular dystrophies and congenital myopathies.
  • Rehabilitation of all cases of scoliosis.


  • Occupational therapy.
  • Home visits services.
  • Obesity and cellulite management.