Admission Procedures

What to bring?

When packing for a stay in the hospital, pack lightly.


Although the hospital provides you with a hospital gown, you may feel more comfortable in your own sleeping apparel, bathrobe, and sleepers. Please note that the hospital is not responsible for laundering these items.

Personal items:

You may want to bring also your personal toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo, shaving items, sanitary supplies and other personal care articles.

Personal medical aids:

If you bring your dentures, eye glasses and hearing aids they should be placed in a container inside your bedside table when not in use.

Medication and medical documentation:

If you are currently taking any medication, please bring your medicine with you in their original containers.

It is important to bring your medication with you : however, your doctor will request the nurse to take the medications from you following your first encounter with the doctor and they will be handed over to you at discharge.

Other helpful information includes any relevant medical report, lab result, radiological reports, and a list of any previous surgeries you have had or medical conditions for which you have been hospitalized.

Personal and financial paperwork:

You should also bring your valid insurance card and any paperwork related to supplementary insurance coverage. You may also need your personal identification Hafiza/ Iqama or passport, as well as your NJCH identification card.

What not to bring ?


Please do not bring any items of value such as large sums of money, jewelry, watches, cellular phones, and laptop computer. If you were in a situation where you couldn't send your valuable home, the nursing staff will document any valuables which you have brought and place them in the hospital safe until discharge.

The hospital is a public building and cannot be responsible for valuable items left in your possession.

Bed linen and carpet:

The hospital provides towels and bed linen. You are encouraged not to bring bed linen with you, as infection control purposes.

Electrical appliances:

For safety reasons, we ask that you do not bring any electrical appliances such as hair dryers and curling irons, items which can be supplied for your use.

Smoke producing articles:

The hospital has very sensitive smoke detectors; so please do not bring incense (backhour) or use any articles producing smoke, as a safety issue and to avoid disturbing other patients and visitors by frequent fire alarm activation.

If you are having surgery at DSFH:

Before the operation:

Your doctor may ask you to have some routine test done several days before surgery.

Note: If you have a cold or a fever a day before admission, please inform your doctor.

On the day of operation, Do:

Have a shower before coming to the hospital.

Remove any make up, hair pins, wigs, nail polish, jewelry and contact lenses.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Dentures may be removed immediately before surgery.

On the day of operation, Do not:

Eat or drink from midnight the night before surgery.

After the operation:

For 24 hours after anesthesia, you should not drive or travel alone by public transportation.