NJCH emergency room is prepared to provide the most modern and an efficient health care service in New Jeddah Clinic Hospital ER is ready to receive all kinds of casualties. Qualified doctors covering all specialities are available around the clock . ER Doctors are all certified in advanced life support skills.

Assisting the doctors are qualified efficient nurses certified in BLS &ACLS to deliver the highest possible standards of health care.

Emergency room beds are closed and safe to respect Pt privacy with 5 beds in the main room one room for injections one triage room and one room for obstetrics & gynecological emergences. ER is equipped with modern monitors, defibrillators, mechanical ventilators to help in pt monitoring & resuscitation.

Emergency lab and blood bank are working 24hrs and results are released immediately also different radiology modalities like Ultrasound, x. rays including MRI & CT .scan are available at any time day & night to help in pt diagnosis & treatment. Ambulatory services can be provided at any time to our customers. Emergency room is supported by many fully equipped ambulances that can reach to the pt in his place, start immediate care and avoid any delay that will endanger pt’s is life.